the story

Just over 150 years ago in Lourdes, France, fourteen-year-old peasant girl Bernadette Soubirous reported a vision of a lady clothed in white and holding a golden rosary. The lady appeared and spoke to Bernadette in several apparitions, telling her in one visit, “Go drink at the spring and wash yourself in it.” We now know that the lady was Mary, mother of Jesus. Our Lady of Lourdes’ message to Bernadette is still applicable to us today.

All of us need a place of retreat—a place to wash ourselves in the spring of God’s love and receive His grace. Jane Hébert knew this. She was an example of devotion to Christ, and through her prayers of intercession to Our Lady, Jane drank from a spring that filled her with joy. And Jane shared her joy with those who knew her.

Recently we learned that it was Jane’s desire to build a daily Mass and Sacramental chapel at her home parish of Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Jane and husband Quinn engaged their pastor at Saint Vincent de Paul and hired liturgical artists to create renderings for a chapel that would allow for a smaller, more solemn place of worship. The work on the chapel was interrupted by Jane’s illness, but Jane’s passion for this project never waned.

Now we must finish what Jane started. Our new chapel—appropriately named Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel—will be positioned on the site of the current rectory, adjacent to the main church. The chapel will not only serve as a tribute to Jane, but, more importantly, provide what Jane envisioned: a spring for all to experience a deeper devotion to Christ and Our Lady.

The apparitions of Our Lady appeared to Bernadette several times in Lourdes, France. In one of the last visions, Bernadette was told, “Go and build a chapel there.” How beautifully fitting that we now have the opportunity to go and build the chapel that Jane envisioned.

Please prayerfully consider helping us as we go and build Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.


Jane believed in and was passionate about the need for a chapel, which will provide a solemn space to pray the rosary, experience the life-changing power of daily mass and provide an intimate place of worship in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

-Quinn Hébert

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the vision


The chapel will be positioned where the current Rectory stands. Construction for a new Rectory began in the summer of 2016 on Bradford Street across from the convent for the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament. It is projected to be complete by the Spring of 2017. Construction on the chapel building can begin once the Rectory is completed.

the plans


Notice the addition of an Adoration Chapel, small sacristy, bride’s room, prayer garden, and an expansion in seating on the east side of the main church.